The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) inspects cruise ships, in order to monitor outbreaks of gastrointestinal illnesses. At each inspection, the ship is given a 100 point scale. Anything below 85 is considered failing. Reports and scores are available to the public on the CDC website, be sure to inform yourself before booking your next cruise.

Sea Tow Foundations Is a website which focuses generally on issues concerning small or recreational boats, and includes a significant amount of information on small boat law and safety tips for boaters.

Boat Safe Is a website dedicated to informing you of all the boating laws, and maritime laws. A good one to peruse if you are a boater.

How a Lawyer Can Help


If you’ve been injured in a boat accident, then you may very well be asking the question: “Do I need a lawyer?”

A lawyer can help you in a number of different ways. Here are some of the most important contributions a lawyer can make if you decide you want to file suit as a result of your boat accident.

A Boat Accident Lawyer Stops You From Making Big Mistakes

Lawsuits stemming from injuries sustained in a boat accident are typically filed as personal injury lawsuits.

Personal injury law is detailed and confusing, and unless you are extremely well-versed in personal injury law, it’s best to hire an expert on this section of the legal code. A good lawyer will understand the way personal injury law works, and your case will immediately make sense to them within the larger context of personal injury law.

Because of the way personal injury law works, there are certain ways to go about documenting your accident and filing suit.

A good legal defense team will poke huge holes in your case if you don’t know exactly how to prepare it and how to prove that you’ve been wronged through your accident. One of a lawyer’s biggest functions is to prevent you from making mistakes.

A lawyer is there to guide you through the complex and oftentimes murky waters of personal injury law.

A Boat Accident Lawyer Can Connect You to Additional Areas of Legal and Personal Assistance

Yes, a good personal injury attorney will understand the personal injury laws where you experienced your accident. That’s their job.

However, people going through accidents and their aftermath often need many different forms of assistance beyond legal representation.

Since a good lawyer has walked through many different cases, he or she will already understand many of your needs before you even know you have them.

Whether you need assistance with rehabilitation, getting financial assistance during your lawsuit due to lost wages or other types of support, a good lawyer will be able to connect you to a proven network of organizations that specialize in helping people in exactly your situation.

Don’t go through your lawsuit alone–find a good lawyer and listen to their counsel to help you through.

A Boat Accident Lawyer Helps You Receive Compensation for Your Injuries

Most of all, of course, a good attorney is there to argue your case and prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that you deserve some form of compensation for what you’ve been through. This function is usually the one people think of when they think of whether or not to hire an attorney.

By now, hopefully you’re seeing that a good lawyer can help you in a number of different ways beyond simply arguing your case.

From helping you understand your rights to helping you steer clear of mistakes that could easily undermine your case, the right lawyer is an indispensable ally to have on your side.

If you have been injured in a boat accident through the negligence of another party, then you have cause to file suit.

Know that a lawyer can help you in many different ways, and demand the highest in personal conduct and profesional effectiveness from any lawyer you decide to hire to represent you.

All recreational boats must carry one wearable lifejacket for each person aboard. Boats 16ft and longer (except canoes & kayaks) must also carry one throwable lifejacket.

Just Answer- Admiralty and Maritime If you have any questions that need a quick answer this website provides a 24 hour information service that you can turn to in case of a small emergency to which you need a legal answer to. There are experts on hand to answer your queries rapidly and help you with any problem at hand.