The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) inspects cruise ships, in order to monitor outbreaks of gastrointestinal illnesses. At each inspection, the ship is given a 100 point scale. Anything below 85 is considered failing. Reports and scores are available to the public on the CDC website, be sure to inform yourself before booking your next cruise.

Sea Tow Foundations Is a website which focuses generally on issues concerning small or recreational boats, and includes a significant amount of information on small boat law and safety tips for boaters.

Boat Safe Is a website dedicated to informing you of all the boating laws, and maritime laws. A good one to peruse if you are a boater.

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    Boating Accident Law Guides

  • Boat Accident Report (BAR) Federal law requires the operator – or owner, if the operator is deceased or unable to make the report – to file a boating accident report with the State reporting authority when, as a result of an occurrence that involves a boat or its equipment: A person dies or disappears, requires medical treatment, the boat is destroyed, or there is over $2,000 in damages to boat or properties.
  • Boat Ed – State Boating AgenciesThe only online place where you can study the official boating safety manual developed specifically for your state government’s boating agency. After taking the online course you can take the online boater exam, and if you pass you will receive you official boater education certification, which will be recognized by the officers on the waterways.
  • Navigation Rules – Department of Homeland Security The Navigation Rules are much like the rules of the road on the highway. They establish a consistent way to navigate safely and avoid collisions when two boats are crossing paths, are on course to meet head-on, or when one boat wishes to overtake another.
  • United States Coast Guard The United States Coast Guard is a military, multimission, maritime service within the Department of Homeland Security and one of the nation’s five armed services. Its core roles are to protect the public, the environment, and U.S. economic and security interests in any maritime region in which those interests may be at risk, including international waters and America’s coasts, ports, and inland waterways.


    Organizations Related to Boating Accident Law

  • National Boating Federation (NBF) The National Boating Federation (NBF) is the largest non-profit, nationwide alliance of recreational boating organizations. The Federation is composed of boating and yacht clubs and their associations representing over 2,000,000 of America’s recreational boaters.
  • Operation Dry Water – Boating Under the Influence (BUI) Operation Dry Water is a national weekend of Boating Under the Influence (BUI) detection and enforcement aimed at reducing the number of alcohol and drug-related accidents and fatalities and fostering a stronger and more visible deterrent to alcohol and drug use on the water.
  • Vessel Safety Check WebsiteThis is a special group of pages that is focused on teaching you how to become a safer boater. It’s put together by the US Coast Guard and the United States Power Squadrons, and it includes a self-evaluation of your own boat that you can use before you ask for a Vessel Examiner to make contact you for an actual VSC.
  • Rescue 21 To address the limitations of the current communications system, the National Distress and Response System (NDRS), the Coast Guard has implemented a major systems acquisition program entitled Rescue 21. By harnessing global positioning and cutting-edge communications technology, Rescue 21 enables the Coast Guard to perform all missions with greater agility and efficiency. The new system will close 88 known coverage gaps in coastal areas of the United States, enhancing the safety of life at sea.

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All recreational boats must carry one wearable lifejacket for each person aboard. Boats 16ft and longer (except canoes & kayaks) must also carry one throwable lifejacket.

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